May I reccomend the writings of Wendell Berry, ESPECIALLY: Thoughts in the Presence of Fear.
The Unsettling of America, and Another Turn of the Crank. and
Why I am NOT Going to Buy a Computer, and The Joys of Sales Resistance

He is very nice person with a great sense of humor
Lewis Thomas - The Lives of a Cell

Orion SocietySo true!

The environmental community's central source

Reforesting Scotland Earth First! No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth! Real -life Ecodefense!  Ed Abbey: To PC or not too PC? Ed Abbey quotations
Hayduke Ponders and Hayduke Blogs

Tao Te Ching and the anarchism behind it, and various thoughts
Land Reform? including A personal examination

Lives of a Cell, by LewisThomas and You can't Eat GNP, by Eric N Davidson

Common Sense, by Tom Paine and the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson

Sierra Club & The writings of John Muir
Walden & Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
Waldo Emerson
A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold, including The Land Ethic
A Green History of the World, by Clive Ponting

Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon

Trees & Woodland in the British Landscape by Oliver Rackham
Rooted in the Land, edited by Wes Jackson  
Reforesting Scotland and our Forest and Community Festival at Taliesin
Dwellers in the Land, The Bioregional Vision In Context
Tinker's Bubble, an attempt at sustainability, connected with The Land is Ours!
Our Birthright in Land, by Professor William Ogilvie
Our Inspirational Visitor to Southwest Community Woodlands

A Personal Hyperspective and various ecosites and some other INSPIRATIONS

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