Tornat Early Spring Festival

(DIY): Take a Walk and Visit Your Local Wood

Tornat Community Wood: Map reference: NX828557; Looking south to the waterfoot and the Solway FirthLooking out towards the Urr Waterfoot and the Solway Firth

From Watershed to Waterfoot!  Approximately 45 acres in extent, the Tornat Community Wood borders the navigable Urr Water estuary, about 3/4 mile from the village of Palnackie and opposite the village of Kippford. The elevation varies from sea level to slightly over 60 meters, commanding spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and southwards across the Solway Firth to the Cumbrian coast and mountains.

Local young folk have cleared and signposted an easy footpath which leads to one of the area's finest viewpoints.

Tornat lies more or less in the centre of the East Stewartry Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Wildlife in the area is quite varied, including otters, roe deer, herons, buzzards, badgers, woodpeckers, (green and spotted), various songbirds, red squirrels, foxes, owls (barn & tawny), kestrels, sparrowhawks, jays, rooks, ravens, numerous shore, sea and waterfowl, and, of course, rabbits.

The wood has been an experimental plantation, presently comprising areas of: Mixed hardwoods (Beech, Ash, Sycamore, Oak, Alder, interplanted with Larch, estimated at 38-50 years),
a few acres of Sitka, estimated 18-20 years, bordering the river.
Some 11-14 year old planted Beech, Oak, and Douglas Fir.
Considerable regenerating Larch and a few Sitka, also 11-14 years old .
A small group of Pines (Corsican), 11-14 years, and considerable 14-17 year old regeneration of Birch (mostly pubescens) with Oak, Rowan, Hazel, Holly, Willow, Alder, Wych Elm, Crabapple, Hawthorn, Sloe, Gean, Gorse, Broom, and three Sweet Chestnut, with Sizeable areas of Bracken.

Restoration work may include the gradual replacement of the riverside Sitka with native species, natural regeneration demonstration areas, planting of oaks and other native species in the bracken areas & the development of coppicing, shifting the balance toward native species already present.

Tornat Community Wood is a project managed by the local community in partnership with Forest Enterprise and Southwest Community Woodlands Trust

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