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Environmentalism (!?!) Life, the universe and everything

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This set of links is compiled from the "core list" email file and my own travels in cyberspace in a very partially ordered order. Anyone who wishes (Marie Ange, Carole, Conrad, or any of us) can provide a suggested classification system and I (or another) can implement it. The more the merrier? --ed

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Primitive communications!

It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan,
more uncertain of success, nor more dangerous to manage
than the creation of a new order of things.
For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit
by the preservation of the old institutions,
and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new ones.

--Machiavelli, The Prince (1513)

Ed's tips on finding and storing links

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First of all, we should have a good basic search routine.

I use the metacrawler, which combines a number of the best basic search engines, including altavista. You can add or subtract to configure your own (meta!) search. I just use their default at:

There are other metacrawlers, and no doubt metametacrawlers will emerge...

Those using Netscape (which I advocate strongly as a means of avoiding Bill Gates & Co, FREE from here) can create a folder in your bookmarks and drag a link to it when you are somewhere worth noting. Thus is created a file which can be copied and pasted into any sort of textfile (word, works, etc.) or straight into an email. as an example here is the contents of my folder called "Module Links" for want of a better name...first as a saved 'bookmark' file and second as cut&paste.

Primitive communications!


Virtual Libraries

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The World Wide Web Virtual Library: (an overview of subject areas)

The world wide web virtual library: Ecology & Biodiversity: -- Brendan in Module1 handbook

The world wide web virtual library: Forests & Forestry: --ed from long-time involvement

The EnviroLink Library : Categorized by types of resources (organizations, publications, etc.) and environmental topics. Extensive searching tools. You may suggest a resource if it does not already appear in the library.

Carole's classified links (a virtual library themselves)  or Ed's

"Best environmental directories:"

Interesting links:


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TAO (The Anarchist Organisation); a site echoing Lao Tzu?

Earth First! Simply the most RIGHT ON! (if you dare) -ed

Devoted to Ed Abbey and monkeywrenchers everywhere:

Adbusters was mentioned last weekend! -- Chris P.

And a few words about property and the land reform debate from Andy Wightman and others: -ed

and another land reform site for Scotland:

Al-QADHAFI speech to International Conference for Green-Alternative and Peace Movements
Sirte, 12-14 June 1992):
and here are a couple of links to a charismatic practitioner: (good or evil?)

Environmentalism (!?!) Life, the universe and everything

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The Precautionary Principle & The Vancouver Statement on the Globalization and Industrialization of Agriculture:

Alliance for Bio-Integrity: "the hot stuff is the FDA's Internal Memoranda on the Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods" --Chris Pilley

"Daily Diffs" newswatch including weather analysis, biotechnology

Schmacher College website:

Forests, Trees & People, UN based good papers about indigenous folk and their places -FREE print quarterly!

Green Earth Journal (reports from the environmental front)

Dominic Ashmoles links from the Wildwood pages:

The Menominee Sustainable Development site -
A First Nation tribe who have managed a forest for 140 years and have harvested more wood than was there when they began, and there's still (a little) more than there was...--ed and
Wendell Berry visited them and wrote about it

Taiga Rescue Network - watching out for our hemisphere's northern oldgrowth:

Forest Action Network (Canada)

You might subscribe to this; it comes three to four times a week and is a quick, informative read...Jamie
All stories on the web at:

Natural Capitalism, (Hawken, Lovins, Lovins) which includes reviews, etc. relating to the book, including the current Resurgence interview with Lovins by Satish Kumar... --ed

And then there's the sustainability webring CHE is in the ring!

Re-defining Progress: Lots of good socio-economic papers on current changes -- ed

Alan Watts may be dead, but he's on the reading list! Started as an "uptight English theologian, became one of the most lucid interpreters of zen, buddhism, taoism...sadly, Nature Man & Woman is out of print, but there's lots else, including one of my alltime favourites, TAO, the watercourse way -- ed

Preservenet; an assembly of stuff which is hard to find elsewhwere, including Illich--ed

of which Political (?) theory on the net:

Wherein we find Ivan Illich from the reading list module2: Shadow Economics, and Illich on Energy & Equity:
(those of you who know how to deconstruct a URL will deduce that there is a directory at: or thereabouts, and it's Edin Uni! I wonder what's at Your starter for 10 --ed

and then there's "Brain Food" from Jay Hanson at:

A most interesting assembly of very serious papers, including Garret Hardin's "Tragedy of the Commons"
and many papers following on from it, with direct bearing on Module1.
e.g.: Vitousek, Ehrlich, Ehrlich & Matson's "Human Appropriation of the Products of Photosynthesis." Ehrlich and Simon, et al are referred to more than once by Ulrich & Brendan!

or See the webmaster's occasional brainfood newsletter: for a real hit: -- ed

Various reviews from 'whole earth review' issues by Howard Rheingold

A review of "Out of Control" - rheingold on kevin kelly...the emergent properties of modern knowlege systems.... :

And for those who would like to see the (wholly online) book: references to lovelock, margulies, dawkins, stewart brand (who was behind Whole Earth Catalog, Coevolution Quarterly, etc), and much else, all pretty relevant and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (worth buying the paperback!) -- ed

In Context, mentioned by Nick with the amoeba game we played: "homebase for people who care about the environment." --jamie

Land, Soil, Agriculture and all that stuff

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Aldo Leopold's LAND ETHIC: I think Aldo leopold wouldn't mind me violating his copyright, It's from A sand County Almanac, and the ink-on-paper version is available and highly commended. --ed

Wendell Berry on Farming, Private Property, Conserving Communities & Forests:
Another Turn of the Crank (with apologies to E F Schumacher)

An Agricultural testament: Sir Albert Howard (one of the founders of organic farming)

Steve Solomon (soil & health web host) is interested in publishing appropriate stuff you may have,
if it's out of print & copyright, e.g. Farmers of 40 Centuries? and you wanna share it, get in touch with him (address on website)

Lady Eve Balfour's (who did found the Soil Association) address: The living Soil 1977:

Playing God in the Garden, by Michael Pollan, New York Times 25/10/98

Rachel's environment & health weekly (honor Ms Carson and read Silent Spring!)

Quantitative data sources (maybe some quality as well?)

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Columbia Univ Center for international earth science information network: access to DATA --ed

metadata is data about data.....
socio economic data
Gateway to Data search 'build query' system

World Data Center system front page
International Council of Scientific Unions: World Data Center system guide

For a truly "top down" view of things, you can't do better than:
Earth Observation NASA
NASA's earth observation proj 'handbook' 5MB pdf file available (BIG DOWNLOAD!) --ed

From the BBC:
and "one Planet", etc:

European Commission Directorate-General for Research

You will also find all the guides, work programmes, application forms on the UKRO web site:

An interesting source? National Research Council (USA)

Conferences and Events

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CONFERENCE: 'Environmental Values' being held at University College Cork on 23rd-25th June;
The event is being organised by Dr Mark Rowlands of the Philosophy Department and Dr Sylvia Ross of the Italian Department.

Big Biotech seminar in Edinburgh...28 Feb-1Mar 2000

Current and Furture EVENTS at CHE

World Scientists' statement: moratorium on GMO/GE releases


Informatics Colloquium, a forum for prestigious talks with broad appeal across Informatics.

E-GOVERNMENT BULLETIN The Email Newsletter On Electronic Government, UK And Worldwide.

Govt. Publications/Sustainability Indicators

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Scottish Parliament website:

The transcript of sustainable development debate in the Scottish Parliament is to be found at:-

Scottish Executive:

Cycling by Design; Bicycle strategy

Climate Change Scoping Study, (ed has prepared a critique of the document): critique

Scottish office "modulation" consultation (eurofunding to keep folk on the land? why and how?)

Cost Effective Landscape: learning from Nature:

Trunk Road Biodiversity Action Programme:

DETR: Department of Environment, Transport & Regions (an interesting combo! -ed)

Our beloved government's take on Sustainability - as they think that (1997, web site) :"Sustainable development means reconciling two basic aspirations of society: to achieve economic development to secure rising standards of living both now and for future generations; and to protect and enhance the environment now and for the future. "...(as long as we can still afford it and GROW)...Carole

DETR: A Better Quality of Life - A strategy for sustainable development for the UK (May 99)

DETR: Quality of Life Counts - Indicators for a strategy for sustainable development for the UK : a baseline assessment (Dec 99) (Available for download in pdf format)

The Government Panel on Sustainable Development was established by the Government in January 1994.

Ethics and the Living World

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Partial readinglist Search results for Module2.7 & 2.8:
Two references on Peter Singer: Ethics in the age of Evolutionary Psychology & "How are we to Live?"

A review by Joseph Baldacchino of 'Sources of the Self' by Charles Taylor

"Universality and History"

Robin Attfield `Future generations' leads to:
International Society for Environmental Ethics
An interesting paper by Robin Attfield on Preferences, Health, Interests and Value
Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A. 10-15 August 1998

Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic:

John Muir's First Summer in the Sierra: (And the rest of Muir's writings as well)

Bill McKibben, Hope, Human and Wild; Profile of mckibben:

Environmental Ethics and Public Policy Program

An archive of selected Thomas Berry Papers
A profile of Thomas Berry from Earthlight

New links (not yet categorised)

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Primitive communications!

From the walls of the world's Greasy Spoon Cafes: Quotations Appear.... and cycle randomly.

Carole's Classified Links
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Search Engines

Yahoo! UK & Ireland

Environmental Businesses

Association of Environmentally Conscious Builders
B9 Energy
Best Foot Forward
Environmental Industry Marketplace - Internet R…
Scottish Environmental Industries Association
thirdwave - The Business Case for Sustainability

Corporate Sites

British Energy
Food for Our Future (Food & Drink Federation-GMs)
KPMG United Kingdom
Memory Corporation
P&G Sustainability Center
Scottish Hydro Electric
Shell UK
UK Business Net - Home Page

Government sites

ATLAS (Action Towards Local Sustainability)
BRE - Constructing the future
Enterprise Ayrshire
Environment Canada's Green Lane
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living & Working Conditions
Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scotland
Intl Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Midlothian Enterprise Trust
Scottish Parliament Website
British Council


Caledonia Centre for Social Development
California Institute of Integral Studies
Centre for Env. Change & Sustainability
College of the Atlantic - an education in human ecology
Energy Systems Research Unit
National Library of Scotland
Scottish Centre for Social and Economic Research
International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publications
Wuppertal Institute

NGOs - Business/Auditing/Sustainability

Applying Sustainable Development
The Beacon Project
The Centre for Sustainable Design
CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies)
Corporate Watch
The Environment Council
Forum for the Future
Global Action Plan: the UK environment charity
Global Ideas Bank
Global Reporting Initiative
HE Business Curriculum Audit
International Institute for Sustainable Development
National Centre for Business & Ecology
The New Economics Foundation
The Natural Step/US
Noyes Foundation (Bus & Sustain Article)
PCDF (People Centred Development)
Redefining Progress
Scottish Borders Forum on Sustainable Developme…
Sustainable Communities Network
UK Centre for Economic & Environmental Development
UK Social Investment Forum

NGOs - Environmental Protection

Greenpeace UK
Friends of the Earth E&W
Race for the Rain Forest
Rainforest Information Centre
Scottish Environmental LINK
WWF-UK Home Page

NGOs - Professional

Institution of Civil Engineers
Engineering Council
Engineers' & Managers' Association
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management


Croner Publications
Environmental Data Services Ltd (ENDS)
Journal of Environmental Management
Monitor Press Ltd - Legal & Business Publications
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
SCENES - Scottish Environment News


Railtrack Travel Timetable


The Day of 6 Billion - Main Page


Overcoming Consumerism


BOLA : Business Open-Learning Archive
Earls Court Olympia
Environmental Training Organisation (ETO)
Information for Industry
Good Event Guide
Investors in People UK
People Management (IPD)
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Strategic Planning Society
ET Exhibition Homepage
GLOBE 2000


UK Health and Safety Network -


National Religious Partnership for the Environm…
Sacred Space
University of Creation Spirituality
EnviroArts: Orion Online.
The Heart of the Universe


The Big Number
The Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre
ITC (International Teledemocracy Centre)
NetMind Home


Apple Computer
Apple Customer Support
Apple Design and Publishing
Apple Developer Connection
Apple Product Information
Apple Software Updates
The Apple Store
Contacting Apple
Macintosh Products Guide
Macintosh Publications
Other Online Resellers
Other Support sources
Where To Buy Apple Products

Hardware Developers

CH Products


QuickTime Guide
Shockwave Guide
Internet Explorer
Where to go for Microsoft Explorer Updates.
Live Home Page
Office for Macintosh
Office for Macintosh product information, news and support.


Internet Explorer for Macintosh Channel

Internet Explorer Home Page
Get the latest information!
Internet Explorer Monthly Column
Get the Inside Scoop from the Internet Explorer team!
Internet Explorer 4 Mac Update Channel
See if you have the latest version of Internet Explorer.


BOLA: Ethics and Business Web Links
Business Ethics Links
European Environmental Sites
POEM Links - Product-Oriented Environmental Man…
Some Ethical Accounting Sites
Sustainability Web Ring
ATLAS links
Directory of CERES Coalition Members

Bookmarks for Ed Iglehart

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module links

added during searches on reading lists, and saved as a 'bookmark' file, then pasted direct onto this page (Studentlinks)

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Ecology and Biodiversity
Alan Watts
Preservation Institute
The Ivan Illich Archive -- Energy and Equity
Howard Rheingold Selected Articles and Reviews
Quiet Americans Table of Contents
NISS Campus Gateway
Edinburgh University Library: Library Online
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
OneLook Dictionaries
COPAC: University Research Library Catalogue
Edinburgh University Library: Resources By Subject: Geology and Geophysics
ICAPB - Institute of Cell, Animal & Population Biology
Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, Schools of Agriculture, Ecological Sciences, Forestry & Resource Economics
Some Facts about Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi
Escape to Hell
Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
Redefining Progress
Agricultural Biodiversity: Sustainable Use for Food Security: UKabc Home Page
Global Change Home Page
The Environmental Ethics & Public Policy (EE&PP) Program
Earth Summit Documents
About the Earth Council
Alan Watts
CIEL Home Page

And, as promised (threatened?), a copy and paste from my bookmarks file:

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If these had been pasted into an email blank set up under netscape (as mine is) they would appear as clickable links to the recipient...
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