Godfrey Wimpenny Smith

Godfrey W Smith 18 November 1948 - 12 January 2015

Godfrey was one of the founder members of swcwt, a Clog and Shoe maker in Balmaclellan, a driving force for change to the Land Reform Act, and passionate about craft apprenticeship schemes for young people. With others, Godfrey ran the Afghan Schools project helping to set up schools and colleges in Afghanistan and risked his life many times by personally taking money to Afghanistan to pay the teachers.

Godfrey provided a welcome sanctuary at festivals in his cosy yurt, his studio was one of the first Spring Fling venues and he was part of the early Spring Fling committees. There was always an open door at his workshop, where he made his wonderful clogs and shoes, and, together with his wife Sheila at his kitchen table, a chance to put the world to rights! Godfrey could be found at Taliesin events, helping run courses, cooking soup, chatting round the fire, cutting wood, planting trees so, so much.......

Above all he was a dear friend to many, many people and children all over the world and we will miss him so much. Godfrey always had a kind word, a warm generous heart, a cheerful smile and a wonderful hug.

We give many, many thanks for all his work, creativity and dedication to Taliesin especially the inspiration he has imparted to many young people in this region. We hope that his innovative ideas about apprenticeship schemes for young craft workers will be followed up and create a lasting legacy.

There will be a memorial at Taliesin and burial of his ashes later in the year when it is warmer. (May 31)

Our thoughts are with Sheila, Pete, Sandy and Vondi blessings to you all.

Thank you Godfrey

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