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I'd've wrote you a rhyme,
If I'd had some more time,
But I ain't had the chance,
To spin tale or romance.
It's all down to circumstance.

It may sound a bit lame,
But it ain't me to blame,
I don't have to produce,
Any better excuse.
I'm a victim of circumstance.

It might have been otherwise.
We'd be rich and worldly wise.
There'd be no cause for alarm,
If Daddy hadn't sold the farm.
We're just victims of circumstance.

I don't give a [copulation],
I've just had bad luck,
Too great to surmount,
Or be called to account.
Just a victim of circumstance.

It's really no use,
And I'm tired of abuse.
I just need a chance,
To join in the dance,
Of the victims of circumstance 

Whoopee!                                      Ed Iglehart 05/08/98

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