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The incomparable Cone Lamp The
Cone Lamp
glows with a flickering inner fire
provided by a unique burner of heatproof glass
floating on the oil within.
Made to last millenia!

We make a wide variety of support systems for single conelamps and multiples.
for wall or table,
'Spiral' wall or table mount
with Normal cone: £71, with King cone (30-40cm): £92.
And a range of 'Kelpie' styles by Kristine Filer
Each mount is individually hand-forged from pure recycled copper
to fit a specially selected Conelamp.
Simple sconces & chandeliers with several normal or larger cones
or other lamps from around £275, Large counterweighted rise & fall chandeliers are rather more,
but indispensible for the better class of castle.
To order

Spiral mounted conelamp spiral mounts
designed and made by Tom Iglehart
for wall or table
Recycled electricity copper is
annealled and hand forged to fit.

Individually made for
large or normal conelamp.
Our most popular 'starter' conelamp,
available in pairs or singly,
for wall or table.


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