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Like a migrating herd, following its beaten track

Decades ago,
We mostly walked to work,
Side by side with friends & neighbours
We worked and walked together,
Ate, drank, fought, loved & raised the young together,
Grew old, returned to local soil together.

Now it's better,
We have improved communications,
Roads & hyperspace, phones, TV, & cyberspace,
Keep us 'in touch' with world events,
Our glazed & insulated capsules keep us safe and warm,
And free from nosy, noisy, noisome neighbours.

This new species,
Encapsulated Humanity,
In a migrating herd, follows its beaten track
With unconscious choreography,
The ribbon of steel and red light,
Snakes slowly cityward.

The big cat waits,
Sporting fluorescent stripe,
And purring sinew of steel.
From his elevated post,
He watches with laser eye,
Choosing only the swiftest as his prey.

Ed Iglehart, Homo Encapsulata, 1996

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